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How it works

You should ask for the New Car Sales Manager and let them know that you are a DEFCOM member up-front. They will have an understanding of DEFCOM and are the best initial point of contact.
The DEFCOM discount has changed since the early years when it was based on a National Fleet price structure. The new car market has changed dramatically since those days and today our dealerships can normally offer you either a discount off the price and/or a value added bonus on most new and used vehicles.
It's easy just follow the simple rules on how to use the card.


Your trade-in

  • With the above explaination of the DEFCOM discount arrangement the dealer will have no spare profit margin to "sweeten" the trade-in price.  The dealer will offer you the true wholesale value for your trade-in.

  • If you want to check his offer take your old car to any used car dealer who offers "cash for your car" and see what he offers.  If it is better - sell it to him.  But if you want a price something like what you see in the papers - sell it privately.

Simple rules

Find a DEFCOM dealer
from this website or the current directory

Understand the discount being offered
by contacting the New Car Sales Manager or Used Car Sales Manager

Identify yourself as a DEFCOM member upfront
and if you have a quote from another dealership make sure that you get it in writing to show to the DEFCOM dealer



Show your DEFCOM card to claim your discount when making purchases




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